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It’s Been Too Long

So, I suddenly realized, I’d not posted here in the best part of two years.

I’ve not done a ton of work with the camera, to be fair. I’ve had some technical issues (it IS a ten year-old Nikon D70s that has been… places), and in general, it’s been less fun to use, due to image quality and data loss.


I have taken pictures, and I have posted nothing.

SO I’ll get back to it.

And in the meantime, here’s a small selection.


Flaming Pudding III

snow swimming II

Less Than Dignified



Hogsback II

Spider Babies IV

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Go Karting.

So, lest you think that the GenCoupe thing is all about the cars, there is a pretty cool social aspect to it. And one of those things is what’s becoming an annual trip to Canadian Tire (MoSport) International Motor Speedway.

Now, you might think “well ,that’s still your car right”, but this annual thing we do?

Go Karting. At MoSport International Karting. These are the real deal, as close as you can get to real racing (no bumpers, open wheel, 6.5hp, 100km/h top speeds).

Of course, a camera, for me, is essential. Now, this is all grown-up racing, but go karts always remind me of being a kid, and that means seventies/eighties. So, I shot with specific intent: I wanted an older feel, and panning, to the shots.

I like the results a lot:

On The Straight-Away 12

Inside Straight

Three Wide At The Line

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On Instagram

Ok, we all know they went back after the shit hit the proverbial fan. But, I’m still out, because they’ll try again.

If you want more of my thoughts on the matter, try here:

In the meantime, I’m going to start reblogging my Instagram shots, that’re now on flickr (where they should have been to start with, I guess).


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The Camera You Have Is The Best Camera

I don’t post a lot of the shots I take with my cellphones camera (A Samsung Captivate Galaxy S, if you want to know), and I probably should.  While one of the complaints of the modern world is “there are cameras everywhere” the advantage of that is, well… there’s cameras everywhere.  Which means in your pocket, generally.  I can’t think of a single cellphone now that DOESN’T have a camera built in.

And the 5mp shooter in the Captivate is definitely not bad.  No flash, and grainy as soon as the light goes down, but with some of the processing apps (Vignette tends to be my favorite for Android) you can get pretty good, interesting shots. 

And at the end of the day, the somewhat grainy cellphone shot is still better than no shot at all.

Zaphod.  Woof.
Samsung Captivate 5mp camera, via Vignette Android Camera App.

OLD SHOT: Bono & U2 in Montreal

44 - recursion

DogAndGarden took me to Montreal to see U2 this summer: she’s a superfan, I, in all honesty, am tolerent of U2, generally. Until now. The live show will convert you, very likely. And despite not being able to bring in a “real” camera (ie. dSLR) I got some fantastic shots with my little Canon G12.

The shot above is one of my favorites because of the recursion that happens with the video screen.

The rest, if you’re interested, are on flickr

The Christmas Pudding.

A Tradition for my family is the Christmas Pudding. But not ANY christmas Pudding. Well, it is. But the serving, that`s what counts.

In this case, you take your now-warm Christmas pudding, and apply to it half-a-pint of warmed Brandy. You apply a match to the pool of brandy surrounding the pudding.

And you enjoy. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Traditional Christmas Pudding 2

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And Some Bonus Christmas Cheer

Bailey's & The Fire

Bailey’s, a scorching fire, and the varied sounds of people (and dogs) napping on Christmas Eve.

Old Shots: Panning at the Track

Hah, you were expecting CARS, weren’t you?

Raceway 002

Raceway 003

Raceway 001

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Old Shots: Interprovincial

Inter-Provincial Bridge

There’s a lot going on here: I was first inspired by a shot on one of my contacts/friends here on flickr who shot something similar. As the weather was still good, I decided to walk out and get the shot. And did I ever get the shot.

I knew even before I went I was going to work some HDR on it, too. The regular shots are great, I like them a lot, but there’s something about the effect that HDR provides for something like this. On top of that, I used, for the first time, very consciously, my Cokin T1 Graduated Tobacco filter, to enhance the sky, but leave the roadway, water, and ice a very stark white. I really like the way it worked.

If you want some history on the Alexandra Bridge/Inter-provincial Bridge, go read here