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Go Karting.

So, lest you think that the GenCoupe thing is all about the cars, there is a pretty cool social aspect to it. And one of those things is what’s becoming an annual trip to Canadian Tire (MoSport) International Motor Speedway.

Now, you might think “well ,that’s still your car right”, but this annual thing we do?

Go Karting. At MoSport International Karting. These are the real deal, as close as you can get to real racing (no bumpers, open wheel, 6.5hp, 100km/h top speeds).

Of course, a camera, for me, is essential. Now, this is all grown-up racing, but go karts always remind me of being a kid, and that means seventies/eighties. So, I shot with specific intent: I wanted an older feel, and panning, to the shots.

I like the results a lot:

On The Straight-Away 12

Inside Straight

Three Wide At The Line

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