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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

I love high-contrast automotive photography. So, when I went out with a few of the guys in the local ‘coupe group, I knew I’d be shooting some B&W high-contrast.

What I’d forgotten, the last year, is that the high-contrast work gets more interesting when you get down to changing the temperature of the black & white shot.

And this is where I ended up.

The Hardest White

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Instagram on Flickr: The Pooch Would Like A Walk

More from the Instagram defection:


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The Flyer

Flying Gigglemistress!

A multitude of sins can be covered with contrast and b&w editing, but I love the emotion and feeling of this shot of my adorable, 1-year-old niece.

I’m also playing with editing (at least with my Canon G12) on my tablet (Asus Transformer Prime) with SnapSeed, which is a remarkably good, remarkably intuitive mobile/android image editing app.

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Black & White: From Above

One more from my shoot the other day. I wanted to separate this one, because it feels different.

As always, I love my high-contrast black & white:

From Above I

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Down By the River

Because I do love me some black & white high contrast.

The Point

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Hanging with the Dog II

One last one, in b&w this time.

A lot less motion here, but really picks up my lil’ buddy’s personality, I think. And, that, despite that he’s two, and has his full adult-growth now, he’s still very, very much a puppy.


ISO 800, f/3.2, 1/250th

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More Black & White…

… And a little Depth of Field to go with it.

And yes, it’s another picture of my niece, shot with my favorite 50mm f/1.8. I wanted to ge tthis shot, but it’s not quite the way I wanted it, if that sounds right? It’s still good, but it’s not what I saw in my head.

A Baby's Grip

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Old Shots: Fingers on the Neck

fingering b&w

another old b&w. The bar I shot in was so dark, and I didn’t want to use flash, that I had to jack the ISO a lot. On my even-then-getting-old Nikon D70s, ISO 640 and higher means ever-noticable noise. Still, it’s good shot, and I think the grain adds something to the b&w as well. Over the years, I’ve been tempted to push the contrast further, but maybe it’s not necessary.

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Old Shots: Autocross

BMW #48 B&W

I know. It’s all blurred. All of it. It should be on the cutting room floor.

And yet.

And yet, I like it. I’ve got lots of sharp-subject panning shots. But I like this one.

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Old Shots: Where Bicycles Sleep

PAD: Where Bicycles Sleep

I shot this one a number of years ago, and the jury is definitely still out on it. I always saw it in black & white, and I got pretty much the shot I went looking for. And I’ve always defended it as such. The discussion has continued to be fairly heated, however. I have a few friends who want it printed, and on their wall, and others who think it’s a terrible shot and should be burned from history.

I say, if there’s that much divisive discussion, then it’s worth keeping.

I also think I need to revisit some of my old b&w’s, so expect some more over the next week or two.

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