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The Flyer

Flying Gigglemistress!

A multitude of sins can be covered with contrast and b&w editing, but I love the emotion and feeling of this shot of my adorable, 1-year-old niece.

I’m also playing with editing (at least with my Canon G12) on my tablet (Asus Transformer Prime) with SnapSeed, which is a remarkably good, remarkably intuitive mobile/android image editing app.

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Hanging with the Dog

There’s nothing quite like seeing a dog really, really enjoying themselves, especially when they’re doing what they do best. Fetching things, and getting muddy.

Down the Waterfall
ISO 320, f/3.2, 1/250th

Once again, this is a situation where I was really glad to have my G12 with me. The image isn’t perfect, even 1/250th wasn’t quite enough to freeze-frame the pooch as he barrelled down this small stream and waterfall, but I would definitely not have been ready with my dSLR, even if I’d brought it, which, to just walk the dog and play with him, I wouldn’t.

It’s always about the camera you have, not the camera you wished you had.

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