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Shooting With the Coupes (pt 1)

I should have a few of these posts up in the next few days, I got some great shots when I went out shooting with a couple or five guys in the local Genesis Coupe Community (and one Nissan 370z hitchhiker).

So, I already posted one black & white so lets do a few more, eh?

370z in b&W

Red in Black & White

Teal in B&W

Boozy in B&W

Silver & White

Tire Treads and Exhaust Pipes

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Now, this is really an old one.  I shot it summer of 2007.  It’s by far my favorite shot of this car, and probably of any of the custom/muscle shots I took that summer, which is saying something.

I’d always intended to print it, probaby 16×20, but it’s, sadly, too grainy.  There’s definitely a time and place for a grainy shot, but, unfortunately, this isn’t one of ’em, and the print (because, I did try it anyway, despite my misgivings) just didn’t work. 

And yes, it’s HDR, processed in photomatix, one of my earliest attempts.  It’s funny how those early attempts still stick with me.

Moonshine Runner

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