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Shooting With the Coupes (pt 1)

I should have a few of these posts up in the next few days, I got some great shots when I went out shooting with a couple or five guys in the local Genesis Coupe Community (and one Nissan 370z hitchhiker).

So, I already posted one black & white so lets do a few more, eh?

370z in b&W

Red in Black & White

Teal in B&W

Boozy in B&W

Silver & White

Tire Treads and Exhaust Pipes

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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

I love high-contrast automotive photography. So, when I went out with a few of the guys in the local ‘coupe group, I knew I’d be shooting some B&W high-contrast.

What I’d forgotten, the last year, is that the high-contrast work gets more interesting when you get down to changing the temperature of the black & white shot.

And this is where I ended up.

The Hardest White

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Black & White: From Above

One more from my shoot the other day. I wanted to separate this one, because it feels different.

As always, I love my high-contrast black & white:

From Above I

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And Speaking of My Car…

One of my buddies from the Genesis Coupe forums installed his lowering springs, painted wheels, and wheel spacers, and asked for a photo-shoot.

How could I not?

I found us two locations (one, behind a high-school, where there’s always grafitti, which is an excellent backdrop for shooting cars, and the other, a quiet sideroad south of the city.) and we headed out.

Mine’s blue, his is white.

Pwned88 From Above I

Pwned88 I

On the Corner I

And, finally, my favorite shot of the day. I think this one just really works well, for the car, and the surroundings.

Pwned88 on the Corner

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Down By the River

Because I do love me some black & white high contrast.

The Point

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Old Shots: Where Bicycles Sleep

PAD: Where Bicycles Sleep

I shot this one a number of years ago, and the jury is definitely still out on it. I always saw it in black & white, and I got pretty much the shot I went looking for. And I’ve always defended it as such. The discussion has continued to be fairly heated, however. I have a few friends who want it printed, and on their wall, and others who think it’s a terrible shot and should be burned from history.

I say, if there’s that much divisive discussion, then it’s worth keeping.

I also think I need to revisit some of my old b&w’s, so expect some more over the next week or two.

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New Shot: White Space and Contrast (Dawg)

Ok, so the whole “I’m a photographer, here’s a picture of my dog” is so… cliché… it’s not even funny. But, a dog, in the snow, makes for great photography.

Also, it lets me play with things I enjoy: specifically, relatively high contrast, and heavy over-exposure of white space: I really enjoy blowing out the background to bring attention to the subject, and a bright sunny day, with fresh clean snow, makes it much easier to set up those shots. So, here’s two:

Can You Throw It Now

This first one is, without a doubt, the best of the two. I’m really proud of the framing, and the light. Pooch is cute too, but that’s less me than him.

And the second one, not as dramatic technically, but more dramatic in terms fo the action involved.

I Got It

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Genesis: Mirabeau Black

Challenge ongoing in Gencoupe’s media section: purpose-shot black & white images. And I’ve not gone out with the specific intent to shoot black and white in a long, long time!

So, I took the opportunity, especially as the good summer wheels/tires come off today, in favour of the stock wheels and winter tires.

Genesis - Go Into The Light

Genesis - Mirabeau Black (and white)

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