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Instagram on Flickr: The Pooch Would Like A Walk

More from the Instagram defection:


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New Shot: White Space and Contrast (Dawg)

Ok, so the whole “I’m a photographer, here’s a picture of my dog” is so… cliché… it’s not even funny. But, a dog, in the snow, makes for great photography.

Also, it lets me play with things I enjoy: specifically, relatively high contrast, and heavy over-exposure of white space: I really enjoy blowing out the background to bring attention to the subject, and a bright sunny day, with fresh clean snow, makes it much easier to set up those shots. So, here’s two:

Can You Throw It Now

This first one is, without a doubt, the best of the two. I’m really proud of the framing, and the light. Pooch is cute too, but that’s less me than him.

And the second one, not as dramatic technically, but more dramatic in terms fo the action involved.

I Got It

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